The App “Worksheet Connect”

The App “Worksheet Connect” is designed to allow teachers to guide a class full of students through a series of math worksheets on a specific math topic. 

Here are some important features of the app:

shows a visual representation of the whole class’s progress. You can hover over individual student names to see how many worksheets they have passed, and clicking on a student name will take you directly to the scores for that student.

Start Practice
tells you what worksheets each student needs to practice and provides a link to print all the worksheets you need for a specific practice session. 

Enter Scores
Entering scores is what will allow you to see student progress in the dashboard and share those results with parents. When you record a score, you have option to enter a comment… This will be included with the email sent to the student’s parent.

Share Results
Sending a summary of the class progress along with the specific scores for students home to parents is a great way to encourage at-home practice. This allows the parents to see how their student is doing compared to the overall class. You have the option to enter a comment that will appear in every parent’s email. 

You’ll use this area to manage students and classes, assignments, reminders and your user profile.

You can  sign-up here anytime for free -



New Worksheet Product

If you have the time, kindly check our new website -

The website has pre-made puzzles that you can print and share anytime. But you can also make your own custom word search puzzles for specific math or any informative topics for your class here - 

Your created puzzles can be saved and added to our Word Search Wizard library.