School founding projects: Find your partners

You are looking for partners to start with a school? Here we can publish your requests and offers for your personal project. Please write us: 


At the link: School founding you will find a lot of materials and  under the link: Opportunities platform you will find several support platforms.


May God bless you!



 I am a Special Needs teacher living and working in Lenasia, Johannesburg.                                   

I work with pupils individually, teaching Reading, Writing, Spelling, Maths, Culturals Studies and Life Skills.                                    

I m praying about opening a school for special Needs pupils in order to integrate them into the mainstream and society as a whole.                                                  

I would love to meet with others involved in developing children and youth into adults.                        

Thanking You.                                    Denise Badal


North America

South America


Australia/New Zealand