School life: Building and Playground

ICS is convinced that a bright, noise reduced, colourful, for the needs of the daily work concepted school building is an importand  cornerstone of successful learning.

A building, what makes fun to bee there (why not implementad a slide in the school building or a climbing wall?) does everybody good!

Build a playground


All what you need to start with your playground project!! Fantastic!


Video tutorials, PR, Fundraising etc.




Best Playgrounds:

School building


Best Schoolbuildings worldwide!!!



Everything about a healthy school (included construction! Noise reduction etc.)



 School Safety and Security Standards guide that can be found here  This guide inform about National school safety protocols, school safety and security plans, types of threats to schools and more valuable details.


The Ultimate Home Energy Efficiency Guide

We recently put together The Ultimate Home Energy Efficiency Guide which covers, in great detail, practical tips and ideas to improve the energy-efficiency of your home.

You can see it here: