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At the following links you will have the option to support others in the Implementation of their conference. If you have materials or if you can offer seminars, please take a few minutes time and read the at the links (right side) how you can publish your offers. Thank you!





The implementation of the conference concept is based on two options:


For both options it is important to ask the youth about their needs as well as make a list of seminar topics with the option to add new topics. After the inquiry the churches have to ask their members if there anybody who is able to offer a seminar on one of the topics. If necessary, a specialist has to be found and be hired.


The training staff holds the seminars and is approached for their availability for the youth after the conference. It is good to offer a seminar not only once during the conference but twice or thrice.


Option one:

Several churches work together and maybe one church offer the conference building (church venue) and the other churches organise the training staff.

The "weekend conference" takes place on three or four weekends at the church. The youth come overnight at the church building. The students can book only one weekend or the whole weekends.


Option two:

Several churches work together and maybe one church offers the conference building (church venue) and the other churches organise the training staff.

The life skills conference takes place between Christmas and New Year and is one week long. Each day is optional but one can attend three seminars and a service. May be in one day the student can choose between 5 different seminars. Each seminar will be held three times in one day. After one week, the students can visit 15 or more different seminars.


The life skills conference offers a low-threshold option for non Christian youth to attend a Christian event. The conference leaders can get in contact with the public schools to advertise before the conference.


Example of a seminar: Christian partnership and family life

Mums and Dads: How great is the gift of family life!

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