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Why Sevenstar

Sevenstar™ is an accredited provider of online Christian education solutions for students in grades 6-12. With more than 90 courses for secondary education, as well as over 100 Dual Credit courses, Sevenstar provides a rigorous, biblically-integrated educational model which exceed all national standards and recommendations.




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Urban Ministries, Inc.: The African American Christian Publishing & Communications Co.


Christian Teacher/School Magazines



Nurture - journal for home and school


Nurture magazine is for families. The attractive 24 page format features issues relevant to both home and school and shares news among school communities. Many schools subscribe on behalf of all school families so that it forms a part of their community building and education program. Some schools distribute copies to local churches, doctors’ surgeries and hairdressers, where a range of people can read about Christian education.

This magazine is published quarterly. It gives news of various school activities, explores new initiatives in education and seeks to give a biblical perspective on life for teachers and parents. Previous editions have featured preschools, sport, middle school, fundraising and much more.

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The Christian Teachers Journal


The Christian Teachers Journal is published quarterly by Christian Education National through the National Institute for Christian Education. It is published by teachers and for teachers as a forum for the exchange of ideas and practices to advance the cause of Christ centred education.  Past journals have covered issues such as creative teaching, body image, VET courses and teaching other religions.

We challenge and encourage teachers to share their perspectives and experiences in providing an education that is based on biblical principles.  Please contact the editor Suzanne Mitchell (suzanne@cen.edu.au) if you wish to contribute articles or you know someone in your school would be appropriate to contribute to the journal.

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