Principal: School management

Take also a look at the links : School manager and First steps!

Contracts/School ordinance/Agreements

Principal support


  A Principal career map that might be a great addition to the post as a way of helping your readers understand what it's like to work as a principal:



Organisational leadership


Rider University’s blog on all things relating to Organizational Leadership


This blog addresses many different topics such as training and development tips for business leaders, women leaders and their important roles in business, top opportunities for-profit and nonprofit organizations, key traits to being a leader and much more. 



School management software and school software links


Free sign up tool




School Evaluation Software


German evaluation platform for schools.




Performance guide




School templates (Office/School formulars/time tables etc.) Very good help!!!!




Schoolmanagement video courses from Harvard!




Teacher evaluation forms












Teacher certification test in the US



Hiring an international private tutor: the complete guide