Who can use the concepts?

The concept is for everybody!

How much do the membership costs?

It is totally free!

How can I get the password?

Please, use the contact formular.

Who stands behind ICS?

ICS was founded from Christian Pälchen /Germany. Youl will find more information  at the following link: linkedin.

Which duties has ICS?

All agreements between students, specialists, teachers or volunteers and schools is matter of these parties and not of ICS. ICS takes no warranty and obligations! ICS is only the provider of this platforms / programs.


ICS offers the fully access to the public webpage areas of www.ics-christian-school-founding.org and the password protected areas. In addition to this has the school the right to use the Student/Teacher Exchange platform (uploading through ICS)), the “ICS: Teachers without borders” platform (uploading through ICS), the Internship platform (uploading through ICS), the publishing at the ideas and perception area after evaluation through ICS-Network, the teacher position platform (uploading through ICS), the platform for therapists psychologists, other medical and pedagogical specialists and the use of the platform “From schools requested tasks for University students”, uploading through ICS.


Further, as an International Christian School of ICS-Christian School Founding you will get your personalizes official ICS Logo, notepaper and stamp for a very low price (only 30-50 Euro!). For further informations, please contact the desgin studio:kaufmanndesign.de

Which duties has a member school?


The member school has to use the concept as their school concept. Some variations are possible. ICS beware the right to review the use of the concept. After talks and setting of transition periods has ICS the right to notice the membership.

Who can use the programs?

The target group of each program.

Cancelation period


Due notice: Cancelation period is 30 days after receiving the notice.

Termination without notice:

In special case the ICS beware the right to notice without a deadline!