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Business plan overview: The Guide to writing and business plan: School of Business at Northeastern University





We just wrote a comprehensive guide that breaks down all the important points and smart tips when writing a business plan. 

You can see the guide here: (it's longer than usual)



Small businesses loan options:

The guide I'm referring to informs small business owners on the best small business loan options currently available to them. To be specific, we list the best lenders offering small business loans and provide a review of each lender including their benefits and drawbacks, potential fees, loam amounts and terms, and more. Also included is a small business loan calculator and FAQ section so small business owners can better understand how small business loans work and if taking one out is feasible for them.
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'Ethics in Small Business'


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Online MBA

How to start and run your own  business


The Guide to Building a Business Plan


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The Ultimate Guide to Business Plans



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Comprehensive overview of business loans, that features user/expert reviews.
Here is a quick snapshot of what the guide covers:
  • A range of business loans profiles for consumers to compare
  • Which features matter most in a loan
  • Which companies actually meet entrepreneurs needs
The reviews in this guide are not commissioned by companies and provide unbiased and verified consumers.
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 "The Importance of Environmental Awareness When Running a Business"


This resource includes the definition of what sustainability means in business, who can effect change, benefits and challenges, and how your business can improve its sustainability efforts. Looking into sustainable business practices can not only help our planet, but when done effectively through a business plan, it can save money as well. Green business practices also make a positive impact on the public perception of a company and provide many other benefits, too.




Energy Efficiency for Small Business 


An extensive guide to Energy Efficiency for Small Business which covers, in great detail, practical tips and ideas that businesses can implement to get started toward energy efficiency.

We also outline the importance of being environmentally-conscious and even included a number of downloadable worksheets.

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The ultimate step-by-step guide to make your first WordPress website  in 2017.

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