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Business plan overview: The Guide to writing and business plan: School of Business at Northeastern University





We just wrote a comprehensive guide that breaks down all the important points and smart tips when writing a business plan. 

You can see the guide here: (it's longer than usual)



Small businesses loan options:

The guide I'm referring to informs small business owners on the best small business loan options currently available to them. To be specific, we list the best lenders offering small business loans and provide a review of each lender including their benefits and drawbacks, potential fees, loam amounts and terms, and more. Also included is a small business loan calculator and FAQ section so small business owners can better understand how small business loans work and if taking one out is feasible for them.
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 The Business guide for women

It covers everything from creating a business plan, finding funding and managing finances, to female entrepreneur advice and help! I was very impressed...




'Ethics in Small Business'



Green impact:


Our guide is for small businesses who are interested in working towards being a green company and having a smaller carbon footprint.  It covers things like environmental grants and loans, green recruitment and hiring, going green in marketing, as well as sustainable technology and equipment.



“Shopping Local for Your Environment & Community: A Guide for Consumers & Small Businesses” 


Local shopping has paradoxically far-reaching benefits. In addition to contributing to a community's economic prosperity and self-sufficiency, it can also contribute to global efforts to reduce our environmental footprint. This guide offers great marketing strategies as well as environmental and economic benefits for local businesses. 

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Green loans and tax credits in the USA


Our guide explains financial incentives and funding available for BOTH consumers and businesses who want to be more environmentally conscious. It explains green loans, the US Energy Policy Act, residential tax credits, eco-friendly business loans, and grants. Going green can save residents and businesses with tax deductions and even decrease some of their bills, thus saving money.

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 Eco Friendly  Shipping


Fishbowl created a guide titled "A Guide to Eco-Friendly Shipping" that I thought you would find to be an insightful and helpful addition to your list.

E-commerce plays a more significant role in our economy than ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, and this trend is expected to continue. With this in mind, we have created this comprehensive guide, designed to assist organizations in adopting eco-friendly shipping strategies and making a positive impact on the environment. It covers:

  • Benefits of Eco-conscious Business Practices 
  • Costs of Eco-Friendly Packaging and Shipping
  • Best Practices for Eco-Friendly Packaging
  • Best Practices for Green Shipping



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Online MBA

How to start and run your own  business


The Guide to Building a Business Plan


Best business plan (worldranking):



The Ultimate Guide to Business Plans



Template business plan: (Software)



Earth friendly Business or tipps for improving your existing Business in this way


Crucial information for entrepreneurs who want to start an earth-friendly business or simply improve the environmental status of their existing business. Within the guide, readers will learn the importance of environmental regulations and incentives and find access to several U.S. based certification programs, including Green Seal, Energy Star, LEED, and the USDA National Organic Program, which exist with the purpose of maintaining the integrity of green practices and are individually important certifications for earth-friendly businesses to possess. 

The guide can be found here:





Two business resource guides that can help companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs run their business.


The resources, The University of North Carolina at Pembroke's What Are Growing Labor Shortages That Could Affect Supply Chain guide and


the Why Diversity and Inclusion Are Good for Business guide 


You can find the guides here:




Save your data: Customer security t 

Comprehensive overview of business loans, that features user/expert reviews.
Here is a quick snapshot of what the guide covers:
  • A range of business loans profiles for consumers to compare
  • Which features matter most in a loan
  • Which companies actually meet entrepreneurs needs
The reviews in this guide are not commissioned by companies and provide unbiased and verified consumers.
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 "The Importance of Environmental Awareness When Running a Business"


This resource includes the definition of what sustainability means in business, who can effect change, benefits and challenges, and how your business can improve its sustainability efforts. Looking into sustainable business practices can not only help our planet, but when done effectively through a business plan, it can save money as well. Green business practices also make a positive impact on the public perception of a company and provide many other benefits, too.




Energy Efficiency for Small Business 


An extensive guide to Energy Efficiency for Small Business which covers, in great detail, practical tips and ideas that businesses can implement to get started toward energy efficiency.

We also outline the importance of being environmentally-conscious and even included a number of downloadable worksheets.

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The ultimate step-by-step guide to make your first WordPress website  in 2017.

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