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The Lexercise Screener

Our free online dyslexia test for children can determine whether your child's difficulties reading and processing words is likely to be dyslexia. The interactive tool will help diagnose specific problems and recommend an effective path for treatment

The dyslexia test takes only 5-10 minutes and provides you with results immediately upon completion.


List of primary and secondary school tests


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This is a list of primary and secondary school tests.

Tests available at the end of secondary school, like Regents Examinations in New York, California High School Exit Exam, GED across North America, GCE A-Level in the UK, might lead to a school-leaving certificate(diploma). However, other tests like SAT and ACT do not play such roles.



Practice Tests



The following information and practice examinations are included to help prepare your child prior to sitting the entrance examination.

The entrance examination is made up of both ability tests and achievement tests. There are six tests in total and the examination takes approximately three hours to complete. The test answers for the mathematics, reading comprehension, numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning practice tests are also included below.

The entrance examination is designed to test and challenge students so it is quite demanding.



For Teachers and Support Staff

These support resources cover learning, curriculum and assessment, reporting and planning, as well as student health and wellbeing and professional development and career information for you.



Dyslexia Test