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New Mouth

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 31% of adults between ages 20-44 have untreated dental caries. One out of every two American adults over 30 has periodontal disease. New Mouth was created to keep the public educated about current dental care practices, oral health basics, and how to find the best treatment possible. Our team of medical writers and dentists provide the most up-to-date dental information in every vertical, including general, pediatric, restorative, cosmetic, and orthodontics. We also connect patients with the best dentists in their area depending on individual treatment needs. Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for all of your dental and oral health needs! 


Low Cost Dental Implants ( & Dentures (




At Cheap Dental Implants, we do our best to make sure that everyone has easy access to reliable information about:

- implants as a dental procedure - explaining each step of the implants journey,
- the real cost of dental implants - showing all factors affecting the final cost,
- verified options to get affordable dental implants and ways to finance treatment conveniently.

Our address i




Preparation for driver license



Practical Drug, Device and Health Care Safety Information


Signs of a Prescription Drug Overdose and Stimulants vs Depressants resources




 North Jersey Recovery

 From Danny, he is working for  North Jersey Recovery, which speaks about the resources and treatments available for someone struggling with substance abuse and how they can find long-term solutions.

I roll out new and unique resources to help people acquire information relating to substance abuse and related.




Recall Report

Recall Report is a detailed online resource for information all things health and recall related, focusing heavily on mental health, prescription drugs and associated conditions.. The information here is for all audiences, including youth, adults and seniors. These topics include but aren't limited to: depression, anxiety, suicide, treatment/rehab, abuse and PTSD. Read more here



Substance use and the teen brain






Tobacco free life









A resource for alcohol rehabilitation and stopping drinking during the COVID-1 pandemic




10 Best Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In Massachusetts


 Warning Signs and Underage Drinking


Children affected cancer coping guide: 




Social training:

Second Step program (Faustlos)





Dean Chaster is the owner of cooltech zone. He wrote the following guide:“Save on Internet Safety guide” Please visit also our tab: Educational links, here you will find more guides about this topic.





Our goal at Whistleblower Info is to keep the public educated and informed of the many different types of government contractor fraud, medical & healthcare fraud, pharmaceutical and FDA fraud, tax fraud, that unfortunately are all too often happening each day here in the US. Fraud can cost the government millions of dollars a year at the expense of the taxpayers. By spreading awareness, our hopes are to lower the statistics on these fraudulent acts, letting the right individuals pay for their crimes, instead of the innocent taxpayers!




Courtsystem USA Overviewplatform is free, and provides accurate and up-to-date information for local court or prison records or background information on people  - as well as details on local government offices.



Vitality school:




Vision Center

Vision Center is an informational web guide created for those seeking eye surgery and other vision correction options. All content published on Vision Center is researched, written, and edited by licensed optometrists, experienced journalists, and other medical writers in the industry. All pages on our website are fact-based and sourced from recent scientific research, scholarly articles, textbooks, government agencies, and medical journals. Our website also does not host any form of advertisement.


Less expensive eye exam information



 Best Contacts for Astigmatism page here


A normal cornea is spherical. With astigmatism, the cornea has an irregular curve. A misshapen cornea changes how light passes through to your retina. This can cause blurry vision, poor night vision, eye irritation, and headaches. 



Medical malpractice



Addiction and sleep:




Addiction helper


Another great ressource:




 Long Island Interventions:



OK Rehab


OK Rehab specialises in addiction treatment. This treatment is available via both inpatient and outpatient treatment providers. We also work with clinics that are able to facilitate treatment taking place in your own home, who are able to provide professional intervention and home detoxification.

At OK Rehab, our aim is to help individuals break free from the shackles of addiction and find a treatment that’s ideally suited to their needs. This treatment is applicable for drug addictionalcoholism and process/behavioural addictions.

Many of the treatments we may recommend taking place at residential rehab clinics. We have partnered with over 140 clinics of this nature across the UK and abroad.



 Over 100,000 Americans have died of a drug overdose during the pandemic, and so we created this website with a clear mission - we want to save lives.




Addiction group


Addiction Group is dedicated to help individuals suffering from substance abuse and prevent new cases through credible information and spreading awareness to as many as we can reach. Every fact-based piece of content is written by journalists or medical professionals. Also, we have no affiliations to any rehab centers, we aren’t sponsored, and we display no advertisements on our website.



"Get Clean, Get Sober, Get Detox" dedicated to helping addiction recovery to your site? 

We provide free resources and information to help struggling individuals & families get their lives back on track.

Our website does not host any form of advertisement. 

All content published on Alcohol Rehab Help is fact-based and original. It is all sourced from current scientific research, ensuring content is accurate, relevant, and up-to-date with current research and addiction terminology. 




Sveral information for parents:


Smoke-free Homes: Secondhand Smoke Can Make Children Suffer Serious Health Risks



 "Medications That May Be Used in Alcohol and Drug Detox." It doesn't just list out all the medication commonly used for treatment, but also what to expect when you commit to a detox facility.



DetoxLocal Periodic Table of Drugs



Full guide to Opiate and Heroin Withdrawal


, an organization connecting people seeking treatment to the resources they need



Rehab 4 Addiction is a free drug and alcohol addiction helpline. Rehab 4 Addiction is run by Oliver Clark. Oliver has been in recovery for over 20 years, and he will be happy to help anyone who needs his assistance. Tel: 0800 140 4690 Website:







  The community outreach team for Addiction Treatment Services, an organization dedicated to providing comprehensible and reliable information regarding various aspects of substance abuse and addiction. Our content includes Resources for Teens, High School, College, LGBTQIA,  Nurses, Veterans, and Resources by State.

I am writing to you today because I came across your resources page, and I feel that substance abuse is a topic that we could help you expand upon in your content.

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101 Facts About Mesothelioma –If you or someone you know has just been diagnosed with Mesothelioma, you are probably looking for more information about this frightening diagnosis. This comprehensive book is written by a distinguished Doctor and has answers to over 100 frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Mesothelioma.  is another great webpage with helpful ressources.




Did you know that about 3,300 individuals are diagnosed with mesothelioma each year? Negligent asbestos exposure, including older schools built as recently as 2004, accounts for half of all occupational cancer deaths. Unfortunately, asbestos companies and employers knew the dangers of asbestos and still placed the health of their employees at risk.  Therefore, please consider adding our link,, is a comprehensive online resource on asbestos cancer. Information ranges from treatment advice to counseling and support. Read more about mesotheliomahere





Here are some things they offer patients that set them  apart from other advocacy sites:

• A monthly online support group where we discuss a variety of topics pertaining to cancer patients.

• An on-staff doctor and nurse available to answer any medical-related questions.

• 24-hour live chat support.

• Patient Advocates that work 1-on-1 with individuals to help them find local doctors, treatment centers and support groups.

Please take a look at some of the great information they  have at





Sleep disorders in high-risk populations


We’re trying to promote awareness of sleep disorders in high-risk populations. My team has been researching the reported rates of sleep disorders in alcoholics in active addiction and recovery, and we’ve found that many alcoholics are not prepared for dealing with insomnia during and after detox.



 We put together an in-depth resource on the addiction, recovery and their affects on sleep including in-depth research, sleep help for those in recovery, collections of local and national support groups and much more. I think it would complement your collection here:


Here is the link to our guide for your review:


Drugdangers: choose UKAT?

135 beds nationally across the UK, treatment for all addictions including process addiction and dual diagnosis.

 Spanning from luxurious rehabs with en suite rooms, gyms and full on-site medical nursing units to cost effective rehabs.

Catering for all people from all walks of life. All our rehabs have 24/7 on-site specialist addiction professionals ensuring the patient will have the highest level of care offered in the country.

UKAT always addresses the individual as a whole and will tailor treatment to the addiction and long-term recovery of the patient. All UKAT centres have a family programme dedicated to helping family members



 The Ultimate Home Energy Efficiency Guide

 which covers, in great detail, practical tips and ideas to improve the energy-efficiency of your home.

You can see it here:




Consumer Safety - Protecting Consumers



Kill the cable bill:

 The site includes:

  • Top streaming services and deals -- plus: how to get local TV free via old-school antennas
  • How to get free trials for Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime video, and more - enough to keep you watching for months
  • How to avoid streaming scam sites

It's all here at:



We share information about some of the most popular prescription medications on the market and how they could be endangering your health and the health of loved ones.


FDA-approved medical devices are putting you or your loved ones at risk. We’ll keep you informed and help you make the most educated decisions about your health care.


From large chain restaurants like chipolte, to ecoli outbreaks in our meats; our mission is to keep up-to-date information on food outbreaks and recalls.


Products in the US can cause very serious harm to the public. From defective baby products to the cars we drive every day; our goal is to keep you informed of recent recalls.