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Fundraising with foundations and supporters

Betterplace Webpage (Foundations/supporter search / Find your own supporter!!!)


Fundraising: is supporting non-profits with the following:


Fundraising tools

Website tools

Marketing tools

Administrative and HR tools

Project Management tools

Volunteer tools



The features built to help your organization raise funds and grow your donor base




How to get credits/loans (take also a look at the end of this page: Finances)








Organizational leadership


Rider University’s blog on all things relating to Organizational Leadership


This blog addresses many different topics such as training and development tips for business leaders, women leaders and their important roles in business, top opportunities for-profit and nonprofit organizations, key traits to being a leader and much more. 

Further Fundraising Platforms/Instruments

Fundraising in South Africa


Donate now ! For your webpage in South Africa


Fundraising Credit Card - Support schools in South Africa




Software for Fundraising:(Is in work for the English market)



Ideas for parents, students


Worldclass Webpage from Oracle! Library, Competitions and Projects! a really good way to earn money for your school/class, very good prices!!!





 - Software Donations: Please take a look at the Educational links for schools tab-


For NGOs with a German branch


TSG Global Network

We partner with NGOs around the world to deliver relationships, technology, and expertise that enhance their service to their communities. These partner NGOs customize our offerings, providing their beneficiaries with resources that combine the best of global knowledge and local perspective.


This global network of local communities empowers individuals to build and share their solutions to social challenges, identifying and accelerating the most innovative of those projects. With events in 44 cities around the world, NetSquared is a vibrant on- and offline community.


Perhaps the largest technology philanthropy program in the world, connects nonprofit organizations and libraries to the resources and knowledge they need to operate at full potential. Visited by more than 193,000 individuals monthly, this online community is a place to build capacity, make connections, and share solutions.

NGO Source

In 2008, TechSoup Global was selected by the Council on Foundations to host and manage NGOsource, an equivalency determination service that will help U.S. grantmakers streamline their international grantmaking process. NGOsource launched on March 20, 2013.


We teamed up with U.K.-based GuideStar International (GSI) to improve our capacity-building programs for civil society. GSI works with civil society leaders worldwide to develop transparency and civil society organization reporting in their own countries. GSI supports this growing network through the provision of a shared common technology platform as well as advice and support in each country’s development process.

Fundraising seminar (from Benevon)

Senior Experts


Development Bank of Southern Africa


Ask for christian banks!! at:


Christian loans!!!!!!


  • European Social Fonds
  • Example for South Africa:

Delegation der Europäischen Kommission in Südafrika
PO-Box 945
Pretoria 0027
South Africa
Tel: +27 12 452- 5200
Fax: +27 12 460- 9923

  • development aid
  •  land buying and in pieces (little private gardens etc.)  selling
  • Bricks model: 100 Euro for one brick of the school
  • Start a Business beside the school: Example if you have a property with access to a lake
    : canoe/rowboat  hiring
  • Cooperation with somebody who likes to start a canoe/rowboat hiring company/ create Win-Win situation, the company has regular customers and the school gets financial support
  • Cooperation with children`s praxis, speech therapist, bistro etc. market analyses
  • Soft loan from supporters
  • Credit rom parents for a schoolfee free time!
  • Credit from a companie for schoolfee free places (e.g. 4 places for the next 5 years)
  • Financial support from the City, District, State (offer of special programs for e.g. immigrants language courses etc.)
  • ...

German Chambers of Commerce


Special programs for companies/nonprofit organisations


Airline programs: