Ergonomics for children

Currently, health promotion in schools is growing ever more important. In this context, the students’ “work place” has to receive much more attention in terms of a better inclusion of ergonomic seating and working conditions which has been the centre of public debate. Not only do adults spend an increasing amount of their time sitting, but students as well.

Traditional furniture encourages children to sit up straight and still. We think this should be a thing of the past. Health, well being and learning depend on movement, even when students are sitting.

"If you observe children while they are sitting, you will very quickly notice how ergonomic chairs should be designed" (Breithecker).

                    Video: Life is movement



Bodies in Motion, by Dr. Dieter Breithecker

"Ergonomics enters classroom" an ergo-dynamic concept for holistic learning and human development.







     Puerto Rico 17.06.2011 - Vídeo: Entrevista con el Dr. Dieter Breithecker

      A moverse en el salón para aprender mejor

Dr. Dieter Breithecker in an interview with Ty Goddard. Ty is the Director of the British Council for School Environments (BCSE), an organisation that strives to improve the quality of learning environments to the long-term benefit of young people, staff and communities.

 Dr. Dieter Breithecker in an interview with the Colorado NBC Channel during his stay in the States


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