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A letter to ICS-Christian-School-Founding


Hi Christian,

Not to take too much of your time, I’m working with the people who are responsible for The Simple Dollar, and they just created a comprehensive guide about the future of affordable education here in the United States.

In the course of their research, they found that not-for-profit public and private colleges and university more than ever before are incorporating online degree programs. This trend is creating more opportunities for students to pursue their college education and at the same time making it much more affordable. Unfortunately, many students and their parents are not aware of this and part of the reason is because much of the news that we hear today about online education is related to for-profit schools. For this reason, the team at The Simple Dollar has published an investigative review of the most affordable online programs available based on the US News College Ranking report - taking into consideration only reputable and high quality education that most people would consider.

Here are the links to their guide along with some of its key features, such as money saving tips as well as financial aid, FAFSA resources and student budget calculator:


The Simple Dollar was created to help people learn and make better financial decisions by leveraging a data-driven approach along with real life experiences of industry experts. Because of their unbiased approach, many publications, government entities and businesses already use their guides as resources for their readers. Take a look at some of those who found our resources to be of value:

If you like their affordable online colleges guide, do you think you could list a link to it in your resource section? Of course, you are free to choose the best place for it on your site.




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