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ATLAS Project in Zambia
(The Active Teaching & Learning Approaches in Schools)

The Active Teaching & Learning Approaches in Schools (or ATLAS) Project is a partnership between Christian Children Fund-Zambia, Child Fund New Zealand and the International Reading Association. Download the Atlas Project Report

As part of Christian Children's Fund broader mandate to develop child friendly schools, ATLAS seeks to improve the quality of teaching and learning through:

  • In-service teachers training in using child-centered, participatory, active methods of teaching
  • Teachers exchange program with New Zealand teachers
  • Professional development activities: development of a coaching program and creation of Teachers Quality Circles (TQC) to allow teacher to share and reflect on their practice and support each other's progress in applying new methodologies.

This is a pilot project, implemented in close collaboration with the local government and the district education officials; it targets Grade 1-9 teachers in the Mumbwa District (central province, West of Lusaka).