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Logo ICS-Christian School Founding
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About ICS-Christian School Founding: The Vision

At the following link you will find "The Vision of ICS-Christian School Founding"


and at this link an introduction of the Life skill conference concept.


Further interesting information are: The unique advantages. and Vision of an Win-Win Situation.


The ICS-Christian School Founding Pedagogic Concept is unique worldwide. It has its roots in very good, proofed insights!

Founder / Counsellor

At this link you will find information about the founder of ICS-Christian-School-Founding.


The counsellors of ICS-Christian-School-Founding.



Our project on betterplace:

Advertisement and templates

5 different templates for news papers and magazines
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Life skills conference concept
Flyer_ICS_Life Skills_mitBeschnitt_ENG.p
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Life skills conference concept (for printing)
Flyer_ICS_Life Skills_ohneBeschnitt_ENG.
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Life skills template for your own conference/weekends
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Template for your own single meeting
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Poster for donations advertising from betterplace/ics

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Mr. Pälchen at CCFM Radio Cape Town
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Radio Spot CCFM Radio Cape Town (20 sec.)
ics live read.mp3
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Interview CCFM Radio in Cape Town (4min 05)
ICS recording.mp3
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Template for newspapers short version: Give South Africa a future! (published at gateway in Nov. 2013)
2 pages A-4
Give South Africa a future.docx
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Template for newspapers
What is behind ICS Interview.docx
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Joy! Mag March 2015
F@W - ICS (1)Afrikaans.pdf
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Joy! Mag March 2015
F@W - ICS.pdf
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Joy! Mag August 2015
Christian Singles Meetings.pdf
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Joy! Mag September 2015
Christian Life Skills Conference Concept
International Christian School - Youth c
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Joy! Mag October 2015
F@W - Conference of Cooperation.pdf
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Coming soon: Life skill essays

: Christian partnership and family life: Theses and ideas

Family life
Essay and working paper / 6-8 class hours
Family life[1]new.docx
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Family life[1]new.pdf
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Social Networks

ICS-Christian-School-Founding Melody

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ICS: International Christian Schools

c/o Mr. Pälchen

Herminenstr. 6

31675 Bückeburg


Phone 049 5722 920 170 4

Steuernummer: 44/200/60181

Contact us: ICS-International-Christian-School-Founding

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News: ICS is now a part of the German Charity Change through Education New Tab: Free property records USA

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